Light In A Dark Room

This pick is interesting to me because I can tell that A/r/tography is creeping into my life; I have looked at this lamp many times before and I have never noticed the lines in the textile. I have been noticing lines in a lot of things lately, actually.

Photo: Nicole Putz 2016

The light through the shade has repeatedly captivated me. I have been sitting in this spot frequently, doing school work, or grading…report cards even. Despite the fact that its where my gaze goes when I become distracted, I have never focused on the lines.


Photo: Nicole Putz 2016

The memory that floated in and out was the memory of myself in Grade 3. I was the student was usually started the year near a window, and before the yellow and red leaves fell to the ground in October, I had been moved spots- for looking out the window too much. Being too distracted. I always felt like I was on the wrong side of the glass.

Photo: Nicole Putz 2016


On my third drawing, I found it so funny that I took my “cheat” time to look at my drawing…..but was distracted back to looking at the lamp, which is the opposite reaction I have had with this experience. I wanted more to look at the object as I found more lines, more detail, and wanted to explore that.

Photo: Nicole Putz 2016



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