Calm Chaos

Photo: Nicole Putz 2016


Photo: Nicole Putz 2016


Photo: Nicole Putz 2016


Photo: Nicole Putz 2016

As I said before, I have found myself noticing lines since starting a daily art practice. I loved the way the lines moved in this piece, and I truly slowed down when drawing. this is the first time that my body truly felt like a participant in the activity; perhaps it was the chaos in the calm of this experience, but my body almost swayed when I hit a curve in the line, or reacted an intersection. Almost like driving. When I paused to look at my page, I realize that this piece is representative of my mind right now, as I am in the midst of an experience A/r/tography. In the last week, I have felt like each time I have a thought, it intersects with a story. Then there is a curve, and bam. Another story. Another experience, another tension. An old story examined with a different perspective, and new experience relating me to some one else, to a reading, to inexperience in class, to art.


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