Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


bb 1
Photo: Nicole Putz 2016


BB 3
Photo: Nicole Putz 2016


Take breath Nicole. If the picture doesn’t look like what you are supposed to be drawing, thats ok. Take a breath. On day three of Daily Art Practice, I decided to take a breath while I was drawing. I put on music. My kids were not in the house, so I was alone. I think this was a monumental part of my experience. As I dive into the “tensions” and the “in-betweens” of my narrative and this art practice, I have to admit to myself just how utterly stressful it it be a working, student, mother.

This is Zoey’s Brown Bear. He was sitting on my desk, so he is what I drew. He has so many lines to his fur. I have not noticed that before. I guess he is more than just a Brown Bear. I guess I am more than just a mom. I am reminded of a moment in my own classroom, when I told my student to put away her shopkins toys. “It isn’t the time to be playing with toys” I said. I’m reminded of Karen Meyer’s Living Inquiry, I did not realize at the time that those toys may have held incredibale value to that student. Is it returning to a childlike perspective that I truly need? To see things through their eyes once in a while?

My breathing flowed more fluidly during this series, and I felt my hands more. When I stopped on my third drawing to look at my page, I wondered what Brown Bear looks like to my kids, do they pay attention to his lines… and this is me just noticing now? Brown Bear, he is a fly on the wall in our house. Through this experience of graduate studies and parenting and working and living life, that is now coming to an end in some aspect…what did Brown Bear actually see?



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