Summary of a very steep learning curve

Here is a link to my summary of learning:

[Song Credits:    “We’re Going to be Friends”  by The White Stripes, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”  by Billy Joel, “I Won’t Back Down”  by Tom Petty, “Stressed Out”  by Twenty One Pilots, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”  by Bobby McFerrin, “Fly By Night”  by Chilliwack, “Doin’ It Right”  by April Wine, “A Hard Days Night”  by The Beatles, “With A Little Help From My Friends”  by The Beatles.]

I can hardly believe that this is coming to an end. More realistically, I think this is a new beginning. In my blogs, you get a lot of how I feel as a response to what I have learned. Don’t worry, I have done all the readings. To me, what I learned and how I feel are one in the same. If you don’t feel something, you have not learned. 

Most influencial contributors to my learning:

Stephanie Pipke, I would vote for you. What is it you are running for? It doesn’t matter, you have my vote. Reading Stephanie‘s blog was enlightening at times. She is a role model for us with children because she integrates technology into her daughters life in an educational, fun and responsible way. A self admitted workaholic and learning addict, I connect with Stephanie because I too will be done grad classes after the summer. Stephanie, I won’t forget how you story your experiences in education. I see the word as a place that could be profoundly different if the values found in education (specifically narrative) were integrated and values in say…business or government. I loved reading your blog and won’t soon forget the impact you had on my learning and encourage you to ‘storify’ everyone you meet. I can only hope that we cross paths again someday!

Luke Braun– I seem to have gained some confidence in knowing that someone out there is working within the principals that I believe in. Within Luke’s writing I found that he confidently supported ideas of being present with your children and students, encouraged outdoor education, health and wellness and getting outdoors. Sometimes its hard to look past the opinions, values and beliefs found outside of your own school, but thats one of the beautiful things about graduate classes, and blogs. Just knowing that teachers like Luke are out there practicing the same things that you hold true, helps with the day to day challenges

Jeremy Black and Erin Benjamin– This is a tie. I chose these two because when reading the examples they provided in their blogs of how they use technology, I learned a lot. I learned a lot about using technology in a classroom (flipped classrooms) and I also learned a lot about myself. Erin and Jeremy made me question the values and beliefs I had about technology before I came into this class. While I did maintain some of these values, (but can now support them academically after investigating the issues at a new level in this course) I also changed my mind on a few. I credit that when I was fidning myself pushed outside of my comfort zone, being aware and able to access two bloggers who both gave me new perspective. That is what I signed up for when I decided to take this class.

Most meaningful moment: Technology is not something to fear.

I need to be very clear here. I am the teacher who has skipped the opportunity to use technology, out of fear. I am not technologically inclined. Angela, Tayler and I fought with POWTOON for our debate for more hours than it would take some of our classmates to make 10 POWTOONS. Angela and I created this summary of learning video which is quite basic compared to everyone else’s…but to us it is AMAZING!!!! We dragged ourselves through the trenches these last 6 weeks, but the dirty… was all worth it. If there is one thing I can take away from the frustration I felt is that its over. And it feels so much better to have succeed in something you struggled with than to simply succeed. Adding to that revelation is that once you succeed out of struggle, your fear diminishes. The me, this is profound. I never, ever would have reached this point if I didn’t take this class- and I know that about myself. One time when my husband was out of town for work for two weeks, I couldn’t re-hook up our TV. So I didn’t watch TV….for two weeks. Without this class, I would still be apathetic (but really, afraid). The second thing I realized is that I needed the support of my colleagues to be able to tough this out. Giving students opportunities to work together is a necessity. We have covered numerous challenges that educators face when it comes to using technology, and we all discussed and debated the reasons why. Ultimately we decided that these challenges are not going away anytime soon, but neither am we. Before this, I thought that pushing through for technology was a waste of time. Now, I think its worth my time. 

I achieved incredible growth in the field of educational technology in a very short time. And I must admit a large portion of the knowledge I gained was through academia; I have never “read in” this field of study at all. So spending the last 6 weeks reading and viewing helped to give me the groundwork to form educated thoughts and opinions on the topics that we debated. Before this experience, I would have to admit that my opinions (although confident) were quite baseless and rather uneducated. This being said, I have found myself on different ends of debate topics than I had originally thought. What I have found most compelling are the stories of my colleagues. Their stories connect to me to them on a personal level because I have not really “met” my classmates in person. Despite this, I feel very “connected” (haha) to them though blogging.

I entered this program to push my own personal boundaries regarding what I think, believe and value in education. This experience in particular has brought me growth and change, and it is now part of my own personal narrative and it will weave into my story as a parent and as a teacher. This is the part in the story where nothing can ever be the same again; its the part where the main character reaches that profound moment where you know she can never look back. The change has already happened. She is not the same person…the same thinker as she was when she got here. This to me, is the way education should be. This moment, is what we should all be working towards.



2 thoughts on “Summary of a very steep learning curve

  1. Neat video format Nicole. I truly feel a sense of “personal growth” during Alec and Katia’s classes and this is something that is so refreshing. I have found that it’s very easy to compare what I do (with blogging, video editing, etc.) which others within the class who have way more experience with tech but I like to think that if I know more now than I did prior to the class, well then it’s been a success! I enjoyed your summary video. Have a great summer!


  2. I really enjoyed your summary of learning that you created with Angela! I thought your video was very powerful describing your thoughts on the paper with the music playing in the background was really very thoughtful! I appreciated you openly sharing your journey with us through your post and your video! My favourite part about taking classes is growing personally and professionally. Every class that I have taken for my degree has opened my eyes and has expanded my thinking about education. It was wonderful taking a class with you again! I wish you all the best and that you have a fabulous summer with your family!


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