My first blog post

I have been thinking about starting a classroom blog for quite some time. I am happy and excited to be able to begin blogging and to share this new and modern world of narrative with my students, and others.

I am a married, mother of two (my son is 2 and my daughter is 1) and I teach Grade 5 in Regina, Saskatchewan. My areas of interest in education are narrative, play, and mindfulness in education. I try to pursue all areas in my teaching, and am particularly involved in Outdoor Education pursuits with my class and am a huge advocate for spending time immersed in a natural landscape both personally and professionally. My passions and hobbies include track and field, cross country skiing, paddling, and playing rec mom’s basketball. Most recently I have been inspired by Patrick Lewis and Karen Wallace; and I have embarked on a journey to embrace art opportunities in my personal and professional life. I have been heavily influenced in sport in my life, which has been amazing. However, I am looking to be a well rounded person, teacher and mother so at this point in my “journey” I am taking the time to enjoy the arts more than ever before.

I hope to integrate technology into my areas of interest as mentioned above. I find that a traditional attitude of technology can segregate technology from play, narrative, and outdoor education. I am looking for opportunities to take the best from all of these worlds and use this knowledge in my classroom.

2 thoughts on “My first blog post

    • Same to you Steve! Right now I have used little Ed Tech. I have tried a few apps (kahoot mainly). I love brain pops. This year I made an effort to capture our Outdoor Ed (and other learning) pursuits with my Go Pro, so now I have a ton of video but don’t really know what to do with it!! I am eagerly anticipating learning opportunities in this class for the Grade 4/5 level, looks like you might be my go to guy???


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